Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lawn Service, Columbia S.C.

Lawn Service, Columbia S.C. hasn't changed much since we started professionally mowing lawns in 2006.  It all started with a few residential yard customers who needed a reliable service to mow their grass.  Since then, we have grown to be The Columbia South Carolina goto lawn service.  What makes us different is our reliability, our simple billing system, and our professional eye for a well maintained yard.

Busy Bee Lawn Care is as reliable as a lawn service can get. The owners/operator, Mr. Ashley Brooks and his Wife Joy are both masters degree educated, well rounded professionals former involved in the corporate workings of business management in Columbia S.C..  Each customer's profile is kept in a calendar in their specific day of the week.  We strictly adhere to servicing customers on their day unless weather his prohibitive.  In the case of a total rainout, we would do the grass mowing on the day before or the day after the target day.

Ashley Brooks, Owner - Busy Bee Lawn Care Service
Our billing system is bank draft for residential accounts.  We have been thoroughly vetted by Bank of America whereby we had to be incorporated to participate.  Each time we draft, we have to have a special code generated to use the system through BOA.  Customers never have to write or mail a check, never have to wonder where the bill is or when its coming and never have to even think about lawn service. 

Our professional lawn maintenance service takes extreme pride in having an eye for detail.  One main difference in our product is that we use a string trimmer to do the edging.  This produces that sharp edge on the turf where it meets flower beds, walkways and driveways.  Looking back at a lawn when its finished and knowing whether it is complete takes an artful eye and a high level of skill.  Not all yard services are alike.  We know when to bevel a grassy area for smooth transitions, how to tastefully shape bushes, and what constitutes a job well done. 

So when you are considering lawn service, Columbia S.C. give us a buzz at (803)331-5323!  We are Columbia's Reliable, trustworthy professionals who will take the guesswork out of your lawn care.   

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Repairing Broken Sprinkler Heads

You are Inspecting your yard and you have noticed that there are lots of broken sprinkler heads, especially at the edges of the lawn. If you have a lawn mowing service, your initial reaction might be to go after them as the culprit, but a little understanding of how yards develop and weather over time shows that this problem is the result of erosion, improperly installed irrigation, or a combination of both. 

When the landscaping contractor installed your sprinkler system, they set the depth of the heads according to the lay of the land at that particular time. The ground was likely softer and it settled.  The sod was likely more full and lush as it just came from the sod farm. The top of the rotary or pop up sprayhead where the nozzle sprays the water particles was likely covered in part by loose top soil. What happens over time, particularly on slopes, is the topsoil erodes away and it exposes the top of the sprinkler head, leaving it vulnerable for lawnmower blades and riding mower tires. Although your yard service could be a little more careful, it is often difficult to avoid broken sprinkler heads in the situation.   

If loss of topsoil in the lawn does not seem to be the explanation for broken sprinkler heads, another plausible explanation is that the sprinkler system installation was done improperly.  It is important to bury the PVC mains, the flex pipe tubing and the sprinkler heads to a certain depth.  The tops of the heads should typically lay just under the roots of the turf. 

In either circumstance, managing the situation could call for a combination of solutions.  One solution is to bring in a layer of more top soil. In addition, burying the sprinkler heads deeper in the ground could be necessary as well.  The end result should be that the top of the sprinkler head recedes deeper than the turf line down into the ground.  

For this and more tips on groundskeeping, Lawn Care and Sprinkler repair Columbia S.C. Lexington and Irmo, visit us online at http://www.BusyBeeLawnCare.com or give us a buzz at (803)331-5323

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Toro Sprinkler System Repair

If you have a Toro irrigation sprinkler system that needs repair in the Greater Columbia South Carolina Area we can help.  Toro is a very common type of sprinkler control panel that we see mostly in residential yard applications.  We usually see The Toro Lawn Master II Timer, the ECxtra, or the TMC 212 in use.  Most problems the user encounter stem from a proper knowledge of setting the control panel for proper water times and frequency.  One of the most common problems is when 2 programs are enabled resulting in overwatering.  It is important to pay attention to what programs are enabled, for example, if program A and Program B are both set to come on.  Other issues with the Toro Timer occur when the current time and date are not properly set.  Setting the timer is one of the items covered with an annual system startup in the spring. 

Give us a Buzz at (803)331-5323 or visit http://www.busybeelawncare.com/sprinkler-repair-columbia.htm if your Toro Sprinkler System needs attention!